AGRS, a.s. is a media advertising and marketing agency with particular specialization in providing services in the sport environment. It provides complete services in marketing communication, direct marketing, classic advertising, PR activities, media planning and purchase, promotional activities, cover and graphic design, and production and printing services.

The agency has been present on the Czech market since 2004.

Offer of advertising cooperation

One of the key activities of the agency is the placement of advertising banners in live TV broadcasts, e.g.: Czech national ice hockey representation, Hockey O2 Extra-league, Euro Hockey Tour, Floorball Fortuna Extra-league and many others.

Bonuses of advertising cooperation with AGRS, a.s.

  • strengthening your brand presentation in connection with the most prestigious sports
  • communication with a positive impact on your company's image
  • extensive addressing of specific target groups thanks to live TV broadcasts
  • flexible projects that can be tailored according to the partner's individual needs
  • professional VIP service - support of client and management relations
  • event marketing - turnkey development of individual events based on the client's assignment

Our services

We help our clients achieve their set marketing objectives. We try to associate the brand with the consumer in all suitable situations and ensure targeted and repeated contact of the consumer with the brand to penetrate the consumer's subconscious.

AGRS, a.s. will do all the work: develop a communication strategy, recommend the most suitable communication means, and ensure first-rate implementation of the whole campaign.

To create a quality, long-term positive relation between the consumer and the brand, we analyze the business issues of the client and propose the most effective possible solution.

Comprehensive creative solution of promotional actions, prints, web and graphic logo designs.

Quick and quality handling of orders in the field of documentary, studio, model, artwork and artistic photography.

Complete processing and pre-print preparation of data on the state-of-the-art professional equipment.

Analyses of the media, strategic media planning (radio, press, TV, city public transport, etc…)

Comprehensive provision of advertising activities.

Printing service
Large-area digital printing, reel and sheet printing, full-colour and black-and-white printing, special printing techniques.

Large-area printing, signmaking
Production of advertising canvasses, banners, placards, billboards, illuminated advertising, plaster materials for exterior, interior and mobile advertising areas.

Social, sport and cultural events
Comprehensive implementation of cultural, sport and social events, press conferences, presentation events, private parties, etc… (party, decoration, hostesses, photographs, video recording, etc…).

Multimedia and the web
DVD video and CD presentations, radio and television spots, 3D graphics, web desig