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Initial offer of the sport and advertising agency AGRS, a.s.

What we want to offer our partners

Our offer

Our goal

Initial offer of the sport and advertising agency AGRS, a.s.

Provision of economic stability of the clients and partners based on agreed and mutually advantageous cooperation with the use of the tools and individual possibilities of the social, marketing, advertising and business potential of sport and its background.

We have sufficient prerequisites to fulfil the above mission. Our wide range of tools and possibilities to ensure the agreed parameters of cooperation is complemented with a choice of services within the scope of the existing possibilities and current demand in this area. To achieve the expected effect, we offer our partners and clients not only responsible consultancy and an implementation background, but also responsibility, correctitude and discretion. In this economically highly active environment, we will create prerequisites for strengthening your stability. This goal is realistic because this environment provides sufficient room for the application of ideas, invention and interesting opportunities. We assume the utilization of a trustworthy and operational background corresponding to the current level of demand, having a great ability to assess, propose, prepare and implement all that is needed.

In addition, AGRS a.s. has available a certain contact background that could be made available within the scope of the agreed cooperation. We will also jointly consider the possibility of identifying realistic sources of financing from the public funds of the Czech Republic and the EU structural funds that could be available.

Sport and its background long ago became part of the economic space of the modern world. Those who understand this fact and who have made the variability of this environment the subject of their continuous interest, will never lose. In addition, their own long-term assets are being timelessly strengthened in this manner.

AGRS a.s. has available a host of its own (exclusive) topics, connections and means applicable in a competitive environment and supporting the customary procedures when developing the agreed contracted activities.

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Our offer (What we want to offer our partners):

If it is possible to formulate the offer of our company, we hereby submit to those interested in cooperation several areas that we focus on:

A/ The environment of sport activities (representation of clubs, athletes, entry into sport competitions, tournaments, top-level one-off events of an international and national character, etc.).

This includes the assumption of guarantees within the survey of agreed cooperation listed below, as well as a comprehensive preparation of the (project's) purpose with individual orientation according to the interest of the client(s). In addition to the economic provision (of the desired effect), the dominating principle of the company within the scope of the agreed cooperation is the development and/or mediation of a long-term concept of mutual benefit of the participating parties.

Survey of the basic performances (offer in general):

  • assessment of the proposal, purpose, project and event
  • proposal of adequate strategy, contractual relation
  • share in assuming part of the organizational (technical) backgroundli>
  • share in financing (assumption)
  • provision of sponsors, clients, business partners
  • delivery of a one-off or long-term model of cooperation based on the assignment
  • assumption of the sport event or a defined share
  • preparation of the sport and social activities
  • technical and economic provision of the activities and events
  • media promotion within the scope of the agreed or prepared possibilities
  • development of the background for VIPs
  • connected structure, agreed performances

B/ Connection of sport and entrepreneurial entities (activities):

The advantage of the connection of sport and business activities has become a highly demanded commodity. The reason is the highly efficient memory link of the offering subject - product - customer, with the additional possibility of its creative application. The necessary principle of advantageous cooperation is setting parameters that reflect as much as possible the requirements, possibilities and needs of the contractual partner(s). To achieve a multiplication effect it is necessary to assess the requirements of the client relative to the possibilities of the individual activity. The submitted model is the initial draft (basis) for the entering into a contractual relation.

Survey of applicable possibilities (that we take advantage of):

  • knowledge of a top-performance sport environment
  • contact background within sport organizational structures
  • entry into a number of top-level sport activities (events)
  • possible use of the personality rights of athletes within marketing and presentation activities
  • development of a model of the marketing (advertising) product using the above-mentioned possibilities (trade action, trade fair, exhibition, company anniversary, important company event, etc.)
  • development of a unique model of cooperation with business partners (company events with partners)
  • identification of suitable conditions for the connection with the sport background
  • assessment of the possibilities of the offer in the defined business activities with the use of the sport background potential
  • entry into the activities that are participated in (prepared, ensured) by the company, making use of the supporting promotional and media opportunities
  • development of a comprehensive strategy focused on the effectiveness of the connection with the "sport potential" according to the client's individual orientation
  • development of a draft offer model according to the evaluation criteria within the agreed period of time (tools, guarantees, economy, costs, tax advantage, system of continuous evaluation, correction)

C/ Sport and social projects (financing):

AGRS a.s. continuously monitors the trends of the current demand and therefore, its strategy includes cooperation on the preparation and implementation of projects with the above-mentioned orientation. In view of the demands of the comprehensive plan preparation and the difficulty of the search for financing sources depending on the possibilities and requirements of the client, we create a communication relation for possible cooperation with sponsors or investors, as appropriate. The individual uniqueness and the applicable possibilities will always be subject to individual assessment. This segment of the demand and of our offer will be submitted to objective assessment by strategic partners that could guarantee the economic prosperity of both the project and the particular partner (co-investor). We offer our services to partners from the area of public administration and self-government (cities, municipalities) as well as to private subjects and/or their combination. Here, we are ready to propose models that will comply with the required purpose, especially in relation to financing.

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Dear Sirs,

allow us to submit to you the following offer for your consideration. The fact is that the owner or manager of any business entity is interested in economic prosperity. The tools to ensure prosperity include active presentation (promotion). There are many possibilities and the search for the best model should represent the key and continuous interest of the management of every company. The most efficient tools of marketing and advertising strategies include a connection with sport and its background. This is caused primarily by the incredible variety of possibilities offering numerous alternatives and their combinations. Another important criterion is the fact that sport as such offers a wide variety of applicable entrepreneurial opportunities, its environment offers a variety of applicable contacts and information, and it can even serve as an important supporting (lobbying) supplement. We offer you the advisory and consultancy activities of Prague Sports marketing s.r.o., including its specific offer.

The competence of our offer is based on the following facts:

  • knowledge of an environment of top-performance sports
  • possibility of entry into and utilization of top-level sport activities (events)
  • possibility of applying the knowledge of the media market
  • possibilities of cooperation (targeted support) in the defined business activities with the use of the sport background potential
  • entry into business projects and activities that can be influenced by AGRS a.s.

Our offer:

  • development of an individual model of a marketing (advertising) product according to the assignment of the client's interest
  • development of a unique model to strengthen the position and cooperation in connection with business partners (e.g. company events with partners, use of the sport background)
  • development of a comprehensive strategy focused on the effectiveness of the connection with the "sport potential" according to the client's individual assignment and orientation
  • development of a draft offer model according to the evaluation criteria within the agreed period of time (tools, possibilities, guarantees, economy, costs, tax advantage, system of continuous evaluation, correction)

What we are ready to discuss:

  • specific areas of interest of your company
  • utilizable public funds (domestic, EU, EEA)
  • individual possibilities of using the exclusive contact background

How our communication will look in concrete terms:

  • you will present to us your professional orientation
  • you will make us familiar with your specific interests (creating or strengthening your position, acquiring contacts, possibilities of providing orders, etc.)
  • we will consider our possibilities jointly
  • we will propose measures and/or solutions
  • we will offer purposeful connections with the use of the sport background
  • we will offer you our contacts
  • we will strengthen your business strategy (even in particular cases)
  • we will offer you participation in sport events (VIP service, contact events)
  • we will offer a fair and correct contractual relation

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Our goal:

Unambiguous satisfaction and prosperity of the client, i.e. return on investment and long-term effect.

If you identify with the fact that the sporting environment has a truly wide potential of possible utilization, you won't miss the target. The reply to this offer represents both our commitment and your opportunity.